TAYGo for Business

Your business, your growth.

What if…  Your staff could perform better and advance your business performance?

Could you imagine yourself and your team to be leaders of growth within your company? If yes, TAYGo Business program is for you.

We help organisations identify their training needs and engage with business leaders to design customised learning solutions aligned with their organisations’ objectives.

We focus on your needs.

Each business needs a training system and structured development activities which will improve your employees’ skills specific to your business and will keep both you and your employees up-to-date with the changes.

No matter of the industry if your objectives are: quickly identify and improve performance, employee engagement and customer service; developing your executive and management team; motivating employees or integrating workplace learning in the line with the growth mindset – we can help!

TAYGo, a powerful streamlined system allows easily to increase your employees’ performance and development, including the great impact on their results. Unlike many business training programs, TAYGo focuses on specific team, management or executives business needs and goals.

Where does the TAYGo Business training take place?

Teams – will be trained in their office environment, as we believe this is where the real theatre of improvement takes place. Specialised, experienced and certified TAYGo trainer will assist the team each morning of the program and will guide them through all 12 steps and 4 stages of the system.

Management teams – will go through the same steps with a senior certified TAYGo trainer focusing on the management skills.

Executives – individual one to one meeting with our senior certified TAYGo trainer. The 12 steps system will focus on the areas curtail to the business including leadership and decisions making process.

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TAYGo covers a critical issue which organizations are facing in relation to growing millennial workforce population making it ideal for busy individuals both in their roles today and as they plan for the next stages of their careers. We want to make sure that they grow and stay with you in a harmonious relation focused on the results.

Also, TAYGo is able to adapt to the needs of individuals working in teams in different locations where projects and requirements are subject to frequent change.

Why Work with Us?

· TAYGo is the most effective professional team development system
· TAYGo is the most customised system which in business setting combines individual employee’s goals with company ones
· TAYGo secures to your employees and business constant growth
· TAYGo impacts and improves your relationship with your clients
· TAYGo increases your productivity and profitability as a business

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TAYGo for Business

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

–Michael Jordan