Professional Coaching and Mentoring Programme


Our professional mentoring and coaching programme offers ongoing support and development opportunities for the mentee. 

Areas covered

  • Leadership, management and business communication
  • Sales, negotiation and persuasion
  • Entrepreneurship (Setting up, starting and managing own business)
  • Career development (Skills for seeking a job, interviewing for a job, and keeping a job)
  • Personal and professional effectiveness (Setting personal and career goals and taking the steps to realise them, increasing effectiveness, planning, personal finance and communication skills)
  • Fast track to the expert level by using TAYGo system.

We work together

  • Guiding mentee through weekly online or onsite session based on a custom-designed programme tailored to specific needs of the mentee
  • Providing training and indicating vital resources for the most effective personal growth and professional development
  • Introduce mentee to resources and organizations they may not be familiar with

The mentoring relationship is confidential

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Coaching & Mentoring

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” 

— Oprah Winfrey