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KOTEVE promotes a creative and progressive business culture with Online Mentorship Internship Program.


This internship is a part of our Research & Development project created with an aim to assist last year university students, graduates and professionals. Interns with a growth mindset will learn key essential soft skills vital to impactful, effective and stress-free work experience. It is designed to prevent corporate freshman save 5 years of trial and error learning by advancement in nonacademic secrets and skills required in order to thrive, advance and be promoted as soon as possible.

Standard internships are a waste of your time! You probably experienced or heard from your colleagues that they were coping docs all day, doing boring data entry and no one had enough time for them? Our internships programs are different! You will work with an experienced mentor and business coach, being part of an impactful project and gaining high-level business training!

Koteve interns will have the unique opportunity to work internationally – while remaining remote. Gaining international work experience is incredibly beneficial for the enhancement of problem-solving skills. Not to mention it is a great way to stand out in the job market. We are going a step further, working internationally online to promote candidates and equip them with the open-minded approach and adaptability.

We feel that empowering young professionals with the growth and creative mindset is part of our culture and gift to the community.

Customized Internship Path     

This internship is an opportunity for someone looking to develop their skills in the workplace and explore their chosen future career path. This internship is customized as much as possible to your passion and career goals.

Areas of the opportunity

Marketing; Social Media; Business Development; Professional Coaching; Business Training; Project Management; Sales; Negotiations; Graphic Design; Branding; Business Presentations; Public Speaking; HR; Recruitment; Training and Development; Employee Relations; Video Editing; Video Advertising; Music Production.

Your area of interest is not here? Ask our team – or what’s up 

About the Internship online-intership

Internships are offered in Proficiency and Mastery formats. Both internships provide interns with skills such as research, personal networking, communication and negotiation. The Proficiency level is a 3-month lead program, while the Mastery level is an extended 6-month program. Each internship is conducted online with approximately a minimum of two meetings weekly filled with business mindset enhancement tasks, career strategy development execises and project work assigned by the mentor.


Proficiency Program 

This program includes your personally customised professional path plus:

  1. Career strategy (Get the job you want; Mastery of an interview; Positioning while within the company)
  2. The practicality of values, goals and responsibilities in corporational context (plus Self Confidence)
  3. The fastest way to the expert level (TAYGO concept)
  4. Professional networks and why they are important for your professional growth (LinkedIn role in your career advancement)
  5. Efficiency v effectiveness systems (Good habits at work)
  6. The secret to the business presentations and crucial art of giving feedback in corporational setting (Including verbal and non-verbal communication online and in the face to face setting; Setting up, creating agenda and chairing business online and F2F meeting)
  7. Internal corporate communication module 1 (Mastering perception – blame and how to deal with it)
  8. Internal corporate communication module 2 (Positive and negative assumptions in a team and management communication; Teamwork)
  9. Neuro-linguistic programming, FBI and classic negotiations techniques at work (Including salary negotiation)

Each participant will be required to apply in practice most of the above and additionally to complete an agreed practical working project assigned based on company needs and the chosen professional path.

The project includes additionally a minimum of three online courses upon completion intern will be awarded certification plus overall certification for the completion of the Proficiency Level Internship.

TAYGo – our inhouse designed way of learning and development – a fast track to the expert level!

Using the TAYGo system, you will persistently follow your own pathway to success! Our courses are based on the powerful TAYGo system, which will help you become an expert in the profession you pursue. Interns will use TAYGo to perform and publish personal research under the advisement of our professionals.

The Mastery Program

Each participant will be involved in practical applicability of at least two of the below business concepts and additionally, will complete the master-level practical project assigned based on company needs and the chosen professional path.

The Mastery Program includes all options form Proficiency Program plus additionally practical approach to:

  1. Emotional intelligence
  2. Leadership
  3. Positioning strategies
  4. Framing in the business sale process
  5. Team management
  6. Growth mindset
  7. Persuasion

Upon completion intern will be awarded certification for the completion of the Mastery Level Business Internship.

University Group Internships full-time-intern

Building a strong team is critical to the success of any company, especially when providing services to a variety of markets. Our interns will learn the most interactive and creative way of collaboration with our group internships.

KOTEVE seeks to establish relationships with University’s to further provide students with the opportunity for professional growth before graduation. Not only will students have the opportunity to network abroad, but they will also work and encourage their peer’s personal development. Likewise, University’s will have the ability to increase their ranking, attractiveness in the eyes of the future candidates and international presence through corporate relationships.

Internship Packages

Custom Individual Internship Program:

Group of Four Interns:

Group of Six Interns:

All Internships are offered in lengths options of either a three-month Proficiency level or six-month Mastery level.



Write to us and reserve your place now! We are flexible! We are online!

To apply please send us your CV, a brief message expressing your area of interest and which program you are interested in. We can then proceed with the process of placing you in our program.

UPDATE: Due to the high demand and a significant number of applications our response time takes up to 7 days in order to add you to our waiting list.

Please be patient with us, it’s worth it!

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Online Internship

As a research tool, the internet is invaluable.”
― Noam Chomsky