TAYGo Internship Programme

KOTEVE promotes a creative and progressive business culture with TAYGO Internship Programme.

This internship is a part of our R&D project created with an aim to assist professionals, university and high school students with a growth mindset and key essential soft skills vital to impactful, effective and stress-free work experience.

We feel that empowering young professionals with the growth and creative mindset is part of our culture and gift to the community.

About this Internship

If you are energized by the opportunity to solve difficult challenges and develop innovative solutions and have a passion for tackling complex cross-functional projects, this internship is for you!

This role will involve learning about the most effective personal and professional development methods and systems.

We are flexible! We can arrange a suitable time for you and us to work together.

This internship is an opportunity for someone looking to develop their skills in the workplace and explore a future career path.

Areas of the opportunity

  • Marketing (Market research, Content marketing, Search engine marketing (SEM), Direct marketing, Social media marketing)
  • Business Development (Business Strategy, Project Management, Sales, Negotiations, Business Presentations, Public Speaking)
  • HR (Recruitment and Staffing, Training and Development, Employee Relations, Employee Satisfaction)

Contact: info@koteve.com with the subject line “TAYGo Internship Programme”


Sing up and develop your skills in the field of your passion!

What is the program focused on?

The program is mainly focused on giving a chance for further development to all professionals in the filed they are passionate about. You get a chance to do professional research which you will apply into practice through carefully developed by the company system – TAYGo.

TAYGo – become an expert!

Whether you chose to become professional intern or TAYGo system, make sure you will persistently follow your own way to your success! Our courses are based on the powerful TAYGo system, thanks to which, you can become not only an expert in the profession you pursue but also you will discover huge enjoyment during the personal development process.

Building a strong team is critical to the success of any company, especially when providing services to a variety of markets. You will learn the most interactive and creative way of collaboration.

What if there are no more free places in the group?

Depending on your interests and experience you might join the special groups e.g. video production group or be on the waiting list until new place will be free.

Write to us and reserve your place now!

Send us a brief message, your CV and the group you are interested to work in. You can always follow up with us on the current status of the project. Hope to meet you soon.

Contact us via email now with the subject line “Professional Internship Program” on info@koteve.com !