1. Sales workshop for business

We provide sales methodologies and skills training that help sellers to close more deals. Our core sales workshop program includes revolutionising seller behaviour updated with behavioural economics, tactical empathy and drive success in leading sales organisations around the world.

We arm sellers with the behaviours and strategies they need to engage more buyers, provide exceptional customer experiences and win more deals.

This sales training programme covers the most effective sales training techniques to help you secure time with key decision-makers and make your conversations with them more valuable.

Improve your sellers’ likelihood of getting meetings scheduled, and calls returned, thus boosting their confidence. Develop sales strategies to convey compelling reasons for prospects or new contacts within your organisation to generate new leads and move more opportunities through the funnel. Understand sales techniques to differentiate yourself from others fighting for time with key decision-makers and influencers.

Which professionals should attend our business team sales workshop?

Any sales teams seeking a sales training program that helps them develop a sales strategy to secure more meetings, from business development and sales to account managers and senior leadership teams, will benefit from attending this selling workshop.

Contact us to start the conversation to get a powerful advantage by bringing together content management, sales guidance and buyer engagement capabilities so they can win more deals. We will deliver sales training techniques that will result in your sellers’ calendars filling up with high-quality conversations with key decision-makers.

How you will benefit

  1. Identify the behaviours and skills of a successful sales professional
  2. Describe different types of selling models
  3. Identify elements of the sales framework
  4. Understand prospecting basics and be able to conduct a sales call
  5. Use a customer-centred selling approach to provide value
  6. Choose a closing technique to earn the business
  7. A complete formula to achieve sales goals
  8. Manage the customer relationship on an ongoing basis
  9. Develop an action plan to apply your new skills.
  10. Receive support material
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2. Sales coaching for business

Help your sales team continually meet and exceed sales targets, with expert in-house sales coaching from KOTEVE.

KOTEVE also provides sales coaches as a standalone service, or as an augmentation of its sales workshop engagements. Working together with its expert sales coaches, you will agree on your desired outcomes, and then receive a customised sales coaching program to enhance your team’s skills, processes and overall sales performance.

KOTEVE’s sales coaching services include

Sales Rep & Deal Coaching

KOTEVE sales coaches work closely with your sales reps – individually or as a group. This may include presentations, analysing live sales interactions, sales skill assessments, and ‘secret shopper’ activities to pinpoint coaching opportunities.

Sales Management Coaching

KOTEVE coaches will work with the sales management level of your organisation to develop and implement a “culture of coaching”. This will equip sales managers with the complete skill-set and knowledge needed to coach their teams to success.

Executive Coaching

Designed for key executives, this training will help your company take sales performance to the next level. Engage in more in-depth conversations around sales vision and strategy with an expert in best sales practices, to create a development program that results for the company.

From beginner through to advanced, we offer a full range of sales workshops that are delivered at different locations across the EU. We want you to make sure that you get the right training to meet your business’s needs.

“To me, job titles don’t matter. Everyone is in sales. It’s the only way we stay in business.” Harvey Mackay

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“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.

~Seth Godin