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Effective Personal Finance Masterclass  – Course Online

Easy guidance to better finances

Worrying about money is a common issue that can cause a huge amount of stress.  Sometimes the things that cause us stress or anxiety are related to what’s going on in our heads, and other times it’s about tangible problems in our lives. As adults, we are expected to know how to manage our money properly.

The good news is that you don’t need a degree from an ivy-league university to help you solve financial problems. You need The Jar System!

Skill level: All Levels
Languages: English
Lectures: 34
Get a certificate by completing this course
Materials: Two Action Books included; An extra free gift included – Personal Management Budget excel template, The Jar System excel template 

With our Course, you’ll make the biggest impact!

You will learn:

  • How to think in financial terms 
  • How to manage your money effectively 
  • How the habit of managing your money is far more important than the amount
  • How to save for long term projects 


  • You will create fundaments for the passive income
  • You start planning for your financial freedom 

And much more…

The fastest way to do well with money is to manage the money that you have well. Just show the universe you know how to manage €1. Then watch what happens in your life.

Who this course is for those who

  • Are not earning a lot of money
  • Are not managing many well
  • Need an easy and effective system to manage their money 
  • Expenses are too high

Video content:

PART 1 Principles of Money Management

Part1 has been designed for anyone who is a freshman in finance or anyone with negative cash flow. If you are aware of basic financial terms and you have a positive cash flow, you can move directly to Part 2 The Jar System.

Section 1 Behind the science of money

01 Intro
01 Introduction to the whole money management
02 Intro Invest your money
03 How to start and manage money as a habit
04 Part I. Money mindset exercises

Quiz 1  Science of money

Section 2 Your income and expenses

05 The income box
06 The income box exercise
07 Expenses box
08 Expenses box exercise
Quiz 2 Income and expenses

Section 3 Cash flow

09 Cash flow
10 Positive cash flow
11 Negative cash flow
12 Getting out of the negative cash flow
13 Reduce your expenses
14 Summary of money management
Quiz 3 Cash flow

PART 2  The Jar System: The Secret to building long-term wealth

Section 4 Introduction to the JARS money management

15 Introduction
16 Money problem and money vital benefits
17 Stay in control of your finance
18 How do you think about the money
Quiz 4 How you think about money

Section 5 The JARS money management

19 Introduction to the Jar System
20 The three jar system principles
21 Necessities jar
22 The long term savings jar
23 Second jar exercise
24 Financial freedom
25 Financial freedom exercise
26 Education
27 Educational interest exercise
28 Entertainment jar
29 Entertainment jar exercise
30 Give jar
31 Give jar exercise
Quiz 5 The Jar system

Section 6 Summary

32 Summary – The Jar System
33 The Course Summary
34 You might be interested in our other courses
Quiz 6 Money Management Summary

Do not wait any longer and start managing your money effectively now! 


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  • Romina

    An excellent course

    It really helps you to find the focus to have an effective personal finance. It doesn´t matter if you have or not knowledge in the area because it is going to be productive for you anyway. You usually don’t learn these topics at school or college and to know them can make a big difference. I really recommend it!
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