Mission Statement

Invest in yourself your GREATNESS depends on it!

“Creating experts with the new” TAYGo “method by supporting our clients with the best quality training by offering them high-level advice along with coaching solutions to create business growth and advance people’s careers.”

What do we do?

  • Create business growth and advance people’s careers
  • Provide high-level consultancy and coaching solutions
  • Deliver the best quality training to help them and their business to flourish

Whom do we serve?

  • Business leaders
  • Professionals

How do we serve?

  • Unique workshop experience
  • New management techniques
  • Through our training, coaching sessions and inhouse designed method “TAYGo.”

Vision Statement

Our progress, is people’s progress!

We aspire to be a leading international consultancy firm and consequently encourage people’s progress by becoming constantly better in what we do.

Based on real-world experience and in-house developed growth method – TAYGo, we will encourage constant progress and empower our clients to achieve their Company and Personal Vision.

Our progress is people’s progress!

  • To be a worldwide professional development advisory and coaching company to business professionals and owners.
  • To be advisors on changes in any company or for an individual to aid them to fulfil their vision statements and help them to become a company with a resource of knowledge experts in using our in-house developed method – TAYGo.
  • To operate on a sound financial basis with progressive growth.
  • To become innovative with moderate risk.
  • To have an open, respectful, friendly and strategic approach to leadership.
  • To be involved with professionals and individuals within the company to support work with a genuine passion with clearly defined goals.
  • To retain, support and invest in employees who work with a high level of productivity and a spirit of honesty, integrity and teamwork – team first!
  • To have the best processes and protocols for our corporate and franchisees.
  • To have a headquarter in Dublin.
  • Have KOTEVE brand to identified with consistent quality and service – constant business and personal growth.

Our History

Since the early days of our professional journey, we have noticed a frightful amount of employees feeling unmotivated. Lack of peer motivation, recognition, growth opportunities, disconnection from company culture and micromanagement ultimately stifled their creativity and killed their desire to work. Stories of our colleagues were drawn around a lost sense of career direction, feeling stuck in a busy office routine, family life and other responsibilities not seeing any way of progression and job satisfaction.

Professional Development Training

Armed with the desire to help and in response to their needs, we have created business training together with an effective system for professional development – ” Train As You Go”. TAYGo was designed to fulfil their demands for professional growth, awareness, development and self-realisation. During the last three years, we have positively tested and streamlined the system with astonishing results. Everyone involved loved it, especially its interdisciplinary utilization and applicability. In fact, we discovered that the more we helped our clients, the more support they wanted. Lots more. The demand for TAYGo exceeded our expectations, so we have created this platform to help everyone who needs to develop their career all over the world.

During the process, we have also discovered substantial corporations necessity to train their workforce in business subjects in a short period with a limited budget. Working in various environments enabled us to understand the problems business clients face and craft the perfect program to train their workforce. Our time spent creating TAYGo, training, courses and managing the training functions in corporate and educational environments, resulted in a natural progression of the company.

“We perform. We train. You grow.”

Koteve Ltd was established in 2015 as a business mentoring and training firm. The company comprises a team of specialists from various disciplines which include qualified, professionals who have held different management positions within multinational organizations. Who are passionate about professional growth, business development, and helping others.

Together, we provide various business and project management services ranging from training systems to courses and consultancy and information. Our performance solutions catalogue lists courses available on topics: professional developed, management, sales and TAYGo learning and development system. We also organise and take part in professional development talks and conferences all over Europe.

The company to promote creative and progressive business culture has created a professional volunteering R&D project to assist participants with various business workshops, focus groups and in-depth community studies using multiple tools and techniques. We feel that empowering professionals with the growth and creative mindset is part of our culture and gift to the community.

We make sure that KOTEVE’s team is a highly motivated, energetic, talented and brings years of experience to their projects. They are a culturally diverse group, whose backgrounds include curriculum design, teaching, training, accounting, talent development, organizational development, sales and marketing and professional speaking.


Telephone: +353 83 88 44 773  E-mail: info@koteve.com


TAYGo for Business!

TAYGo for Business gives an amazing opportunity for your business to soar!